Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Prospect Roundup: Wieters and Wallace

An abbreviated Prospect Roundup today as Wieters and Wallace are the only two guys who have done shit in the last two days. I guess everyone else took the first part of the week off. Let's get to it:

Wieters -
On 5/18 went 0/3 with a K and an RBI. On 5/19 Wieters went 2/4 with a R. Getting closer and closer to call-up time.

Wallace -
On 5/18 went 3/6 with 2Ks. Good for the old average. On 5/19 went 2/3 with a BB. His season line is now .471/.500/.521, which easily beats Wieters so far on the year. An unheralded, but very productive, prospect.

Price, Feliz, Brackman, Montero all DNP.

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