Monday, May 11, 2009

Parks & Recreation #1: Coors Field

Welcome to a new feature here on The Bat Shatters where the authors, and really anyone who would like to, can chronicle a trip to the ballpark.

Where: Coors Field, Denver, CO

Date: May 10th, 2009

Cost: 2 tickets, Section 117, 2nd Row = $60

Number of beers consumed: 1 (wasn't feeling too great)

Ballpark Rating: 8/10

The game was kinda boring, it was a 3-2 affair on a somewhat dreary Sunday afternoon. The ballpark was beautiful, probably one of the nicer ones I've visited. The seats are really what made the day, 2nd row from the field and the seats pointed in toward the diamond which made from optimum comfort. I got talking to a guy in front of me, he said that season tix in that section were $450/year. I know the Rockies suck, but that is a steal to see 81 games a year. Overall, I enjoyed myself, but the ballpark was almost void of any atmosphere. There were alledgedly 30K people there, but it felt like there was 10K. Here's some pics.

The Entrance

Seat View

Giant Scoreboard, staple of the newer parks.

Future HOFer, Hanley Ramirez

Rockies Win, yay.

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