Monday, May 25, 2009

Prospect Notes, Other Notes

Buster Olney reported today by way of this article that David Price was finally be called up to the Tampa Bay Rays and will make his first start today against the Cleveland Indians. Price hasn't exactly been 'lights out' lately at Triple-A, but with the struggles the Rays have been having lately, perhaps they are just looking for a spark.

Some Twins related news:
  • For the 4th time this year, a MLB player hit for the cycle, this time it was Michael Cuddyer of the Twins who hit for the cycle in 4 at-bats last Friday. He is the second Twins player to do it this year (the other was Jason Kubel) and I doubt it even hit the radar screens of most baseball fans because the feat received so little coverage. Cuddyer hit his triple on his last at-bat of the night, a broken bat shot down the 3rd base line. The pieces of the bat we collected and shipped to Cooperstown according to the ESPN recap. And do you want to talk about hot, here's Cuddyer's batting line the past 4 games: 9 for 17, 6Rs, 2HRs, 8RBI, oh, and he had back-to-back 4-hit games. That's even hotter than the ridiculous Joe Mauer.
  • Minnesota has scored 43 runs in their last 4 games. The Twins staff has given up 9 runs in their last 4 games. Damn.
  • A couple of other bright spots for the Twins over the weekend were Anthony Swarzak's 7 inning shutout performance against the Brewers in his Major-League debut. The Twins could definitely use another reliable arm in their rotation after some early-struggles by the likes of Liriano and Baker. Speaking of Baker, he pitched a near complete-game on Sunday, 8.1 innings of what should have been 1-run ball, but he gave up a 2-run dinger to Prince Fielder before being taken out to let Joe Nathan finish the game. It was, by a country-mile, Baker's best outing of the year and right now, it looks like the Twins rotation is coming around to what most thought they would be out of the gate. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
I'll let (sic) take care of Yankees notes. I've been getting non-stop crap from him since the Twins' embarrassment last weekend. Though it wasn't quite a walk-off, the Yankees got a taste of their own medicine yesterday. Anyway, that's it for the Memorial Day post. Here's a salute to those who serve in our military and put their lives on the line so that we remain free.


  1. I write this and then Lirano goes out and has a terrible start...

  2. For reasons probably unknown to anyone but the Rays coaching staff, Price only pitched 3.1 innings today allowing 4Hs, 2ERs, 5BB, and 6Ks. On second thought, it looks like Price was awfully wild. Anyway, the Rays pen when on to blow a 6-run lead in the 9th, monster day for Ryan Garko who doubled his HR total on the year with 2HRs and 5RBI.