Friday, May 1, 2009

Prospect Roundup: Double Dosage

Missed the Roundup yesterday, which only means one thing: DOUBLE DOSAGE. Double dosage sounds like Double Dare, which makes me think of the following phrase:

"We'll take the physical challenge!"

Indeed you will. Let's get to tha numbaz...

Matt Wieters - On 4/29 went 1/4 with an RBI, a BB and a K. Kind of weak, truth be told. Still awaiting that power surge. On 4/30 went 1/5. A single. Ok then.

David Price, Neftali Feliz, DNP

Sweet Jesus Montero - Followed his 4/28 performance with an 0/4 with 2Ks. It happens to the best of 'em. On 4/30 went 0/3 with a BB.

Andrew Brackman pitched on 4/30 and went 5 innings, giving up 7H, walking 3, giving up 4R, only 2 of which were earned, and striking out 6. OK, enough bullshit Brackman. It's time for a good outing.

I'm also issuing the clarion call for more Prospects. They can be a long piece like Peep This Prospect or a quick hit. It don't matter; we need more.

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