Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pitch F(x): It's Neftali's World

Neftali Feliz singlehandedly makes me want to purchase an MLB.TV subscription last night, and given that PS3 is going to be carrying MLB.TV, I may do just that.

The Bat Shatters' favorite Feliz pitched Texas' 9th and 10th innings of last night's loss to the Red Sox, and calling his performance impressive is like calling Ed Price's attack on Joe Sheehan dumb.  It went way beyond that. Through the magic of Brooks Baseball, we can see just how filthy Feliz's stuff was last night:

He threw 21 pitches, 20 fastballs and 1 curveball.  The fastball averaged 100.16 mph, and his curveball came in at 80.30 mph.  He saved his best sequence for the end of his outing when facing 1B Kevin Youkilis.  As you can see from the velocity chart, he threw Youkilis a curveball for a strike on the 19th pitch.  Pitch F(x) actually missed the 20th pitch and didn't record it, as you can see below.  It was a high fastball.  Feliz followed that up by getting Youkilis to chase a 101.6 mph fastball on the outside corner. His bat couldn't catch up to Feliz's fire. 

Now that's just unfair.

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