Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Maple Bats do Shatter

We here at TheBatShatters love maple bats...our logo is likely a result of a swing at an inside pitch. Sometimes though, bad things happen with those little bat shards and last night, something bad happened that will likely renew the debate regarding maple bats in the Major Leagues. During another Brewer drubbing of the lowly Pittsburgh Pirates, a piece, the shattered barrel to be precise, of one of those maple bats flew into the stands and hit a 10-year old kid. The kid was checked out and was fine (and probably got a load of memorabilia from the team), thank God.

Personally, I think baseball is a dangerous game and everyone at the game and in the game and involved with the game should know that. You have hard baseballs being thrown at high speeds, wood bats that are prone to breaking, etc, etc. Of course it's unfortunate that a kid gets hurt, but the instances of fans getting injured are fairly rare. In the vast majority of the 2,430 games played every season, no one in the stands gets hurt. More nets could be put up, but banning maple bats is ridiculous.

What should Major League Baseball do about maple bats?

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