Monday, April 5, 2010

2010 Year in Preview: AL East Wrapup

Without further ado...

Top AL East Prospect: 

Jesus Montero.  The best hitting prospect the Yankees have had since Jeter, the best prospect in the AL East, and maybe the best hitting prospect in all of baseball now that Heyward is in the majors. Montero will begin the year at Triple-A Scranton, and we'll be following him all year in our Prospect Watch. 

AL East Projected Standings
Boston Red Sox, 96-66, 847 RS, 687 RA
New York Yankees, 91-71, 859 RS, 748 RA
Tampa Bay Rays, 91-71, 817 RS, 708 RA
Baltimore Orioles, 78-84, 798 RS, 836 RA
Toronto Blue Jays, 72-90, 732 RS, 837 RA

New York Yankees, 99-63
Boston Red Sox, 93-69
Tampa Bay Rays 88-74
Baltimore Orioles, 75-87
Toronto Blue Jays, 68-94

A few things stick out to me here.  For one, both systems hate Toronto a great deal.  Secondly, CHONE skews a bit more pessimistic on Tampa.  Thirdly, the top of the division looks to be a tossup between two very well-built teams, Boston and New York.

Predictions Sure to Lead People Astray:

New York Yankees, 101-61
Boston Red Sox, 93-73
Tampa Bay Rays, 89-77
Toronto Blue Jays, 74-88
Baltimore Orioles, 72-90

New York Yankees 95-67
Tampa Bay Rays 93-69
Boston Red Sox 90-72
Baltimore Orioles 82-80
Toronto Blue Jays 72-90

We'll add AK's when we get him.  For now, enjoy the inundation of baseball.  It's a glorious, glorious day. 

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