Monday, June 14, 2010

Treading Water

The Twins are nine games over .500, they lead their division by 2.5 games, they have the only positive run-differential in their division....yet as a Twins fan, I am still unsatisfied. This team has been hovering right about where they are now for what seems like the majority of the year. When are they going to put the bats together with the starting pitching? When are they going to get going on a winning streak or at least a stretch of games where they win more than they lose? 7 of their 12 games this month have been 1-run affairs. In 8 of their 12 games this year, they've scored less than 5 runs. They have a better team that this, I know it because I've seen the flashes of brilliance, like last Friday when Liriano struck out 11 and walked none in another 1-run win.

I could go through the stats and make them say this or that, but the bottom-line is that this team needs to start playing up to their potential. It's a little irritating that J.J. Hardy needed to go on the DL, again for the wrist bruise. I'm sure it hurts a little, but can a guy play through the pain? O-Dog is back tonight which will improve the D at 2nd. There has been talk of the Twins trading for Mike Lowell, who would certainly be an upgrade offensively at 3rd base, but carries with him a bit of a price tag and a major injury potential. Even aside from all that though, this is a good team that has been playing mediocre baseball now for the better part of a month. If not for Detroit deciding to lose it at the same time, and if not for Delmon Young's recent tear, this team may very well be in 2nd, in a division that they should win running away.

Let's get going guys.

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