Thursday, June 10, 2010

Enjoying White Sox Misery

Awhile back on this very blog, I was waxing poetic about the White Sox starting rotation coming into the season, even going so far as to call it one of the best in baseball. Imagine my pleasant surprise that through the first 50+ games of the year, they are one of the worst rotations in baseball. Their team ERA currently sits at 4.81 which is good for 26th in the Major Leagues and their putrid 1.41 team WHIP is good for 19th. Thanks to FanGraphs, we can go a little more in-depth with their starting staff and when we do, we find that it gets worse. The combined ERA of the White Sox five starters is 5.19 (29th in MLB) and their combined WHIP is 1.42. That same group has an FIP of 4.25 which suggests that there will be a correction of sorts upcoming, but still, a 4.25 FIP isn't that great, in fact, it's only good for 18th in MLB. For a starting staff that looked downright fearsome coming into the season, they have surely disappointed and it came out yesterday that the White Sox may be close to giving up for this season.

This all makes me so happy. I live in Chicago and as most sports fans know, the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup last night. I was happy for them, I'm not a big hockey fan in general and I'm not a big Minnesota Wild fan either, so it wasn't painful at all to see the Blackhawks win. It did, however, remind me of 2005 when the White Sox won the World Series in what was one of the worst days of my sports life. But, all I had to do this morning was look at the MLB Standing, see that the White Sox (25-33) were 9.5 games behind the AL Central-leading Twins (35-24) and the memory of 2005 was out of my mind.

If any other Twins fans out there want to revel in the White Sox misery, please, post away.

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