Sunday, June 27, 2010

Eeek...1/2 game lead

I was reading around the Twins blogosphere lately and came across an entry on the blog, Oh It's Those Girls. You can go read the article yourself, but the general gist of it is that fans, particularly the bloggers, are often very hard on their respective teams, sometimes exclusively negative. I guess I'm guilty as charged, it's a lot easier to write about what needs changing or what is not going right. So, having been made aware of this, I'll try to be more positive.

A 1/2 game lead in the division feels uncomfortable. Fortunately for the Twins, their next series is against the Tigers, at home, and they have an opportunity to expand that lead right away, but they are going to need to pitch a little better, and get the bats going to ensure that their tenuous lead does not evaporate completely.

Let me say that I'm really envious of the White Sox right now, not for their recently-ended 11 game winning streak, but more for the schedule they've had of late. In order since the beginning of June, they've played the Rangers, Indians, Tigers, Cubs, Pirates, Nationals, Braves, Cubs, and they have the Royals upcoming. Meanwhile, the Twins have played the Mariners, As, Royals, Braves, Rockies, Phillies, Brewers, Mets and next have the Tigers.

I'm hopeful that this is just a rough patch for the Twins, particularly their pitchers who have no fared particularly well on this recently-ended road trip. Also, the lineup has clearly not been producing up to it's potential, so there is reason to hope. I think the people out there who are calling for Gardy's head are absolutely ridiculous. This team is in a funk, yes, and they have been for the better part of a month, but as the White Sox have recently proven, things can turn quickly and a team can get on a roll that either a) gets you back into the race or b) creates some distance between you and the rest of the division.

Here's to hoping and thanks to "Oh It's Those Girls" for a little perspective on things.


  1. Pretty sure it is just the rough patch for the Twins. We might fall behind temporarily, but I think we'll win the division, at least.

  2. Yeah, I mean, when you've had as many things as they have had not go your way, I guess you just have to chalk it up to tough luck. I'm looking forward to the end of July when their schedule gets significantly more favorable.

  3. plenty of articles out there now about taking our collective hands off the panic button, seems like everyone had that thought at the same time

  4. I've noticed. Are we all trying to make ourselves feel better?

  5. Tough luck? Tough competition? Sounds like loser's lament. Is it so wrong to want/expect something more than a division championship out of this team?

    I do not think people calling for Gardy's head is ridiculous. For some reason, he seems to have a free pass in this town. His in-game management is baffling at times. He plays favorites at the expense of runs (Why the heck is Delmon STILL batting below Cuddy in the order?) He's 6-18 in the playoffs. I appreciate your attempt at positivity, but at times like this, it just encourages underachievement. Let's hold some people accountable!