Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Debut Tuesday: Strasburg & Stanton

If you haven't heard that the 2009 #1 Draft Pick, Stephen Strasburg is making his debut tonight, then you have either a) been on vacation in a 3rd world country or b) been in a coma for the last two weeks. The highly touted and quite talented Strasburg will make his first big-league start tonight against the Pittsburgh Pirates in front of a sellout Nationals Park crowd. I can only imagine how the 21-year-old feels today, I have to imagine there are some serious nerves going on. The game will be on MLB Network tonight, you know I'll be watching that.

Lost in the Strasburg hoopla though will be the debut of 20-year-old Mike Stanton, #3 ranked prospect by Baseball America. In 323 MiL games, Stanton had a stellar .274/.369/.569 line with 89HRs and 244RBI. He strikes out a lot (371 MiL Ks), but he's also 20 years old and could rival Jason Heyward's success if he can translate his minor league ability to the Major Leagues. Seeing as how Stanton is being promoted to the Big Leagues from Double-A, I'm thinking there will be an adjustment period, but between Stanton and Heyward, we could be looking at the next wave of superstar sluggers.

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