Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trade Deadline

The Trade Deadline is one of my favorite times of year, up there with the Hot Stove and Winter Meetings. There is a near-constant flow of rumors, and through it all there exists the possibility that my team, or my rivals, could improve drastically through a trade. The Deadline becomes even more fun when you know the prospects involved in each rumor or potential trade. I'm going to try to post here often in the next two days as the deadline comes to a close, and for now I am going to list my predictions for some of the big-names out there.

Roy Halladay - Phillies. I still think it makes the most sense for him to go here. I look for the Jays and the Phils to meet somewhere in the middle.

Cliff Lee - Dodgers.

Scott Kazmir - Tampa (no trade)

Victor Martinez - Cleveland (no trade)

Jarrod Washburn - Yankees

Freddy Sanchez - Giants

Jack Wilson - Red Sox

George Sherrill - Angels

That's already a very busy deadline, should all those deals go through. I'll check back in later with more thoughts.

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