Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two No-No's??

Who is this a picture of? Johnny Vander Meer, the only pitcher in major league history to throw two consecutive no-hitters. In a span of 5 days in June of 1938, Vander Meer threw consecutive no-hitters against the Boston Bees and the Brooklyn Dodgers. As I write this, Mark Buehrle has thrown 3 unblemished innings against my beloved Twins and, as is brought up anytime a pitcher throws one no-hitter, he could tie Vander Meer if he throws another one tonight (I really hope he doesn't. With Buerhle throwing three unblemished innings so far, he has tied Harvey Haddix with 36 consecutive batters retired, Haddix took a perfect game through 12 innings on May 26th, 1959 but his team ended up losing the game when a reliever blew it in the bottom of the inning. Anyway, quick update, I hope Buerhle doesn't do it, but I'll be honest, that would be pretty awesome.

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