Monday, April 20, 2009

Hey Harold, Your Cell is Ringing

[On the set of MLB Tonight, Harold Reynolds' cell starts ringing. The tune is Hot N Cold. The caller is Bud Selig]

BUD: Harold. Bud Selig.

HAROLD: See, here's a guy that wants my autograph. Hey there Bud. What's good?

BUD: Harold, you work for the MLB Network right? The MLB NETWORK? Amirite? Uh huh. The reason I ask is because I'm not sure my ears heard me right. Can you repeat, a little louder, what you said about Nationals fans going to games?

HAROLD: I uh...Let's see here...What time...

BUD: You said, "Plus the game is on TV. Why go?" Yeah, great fuckin idea Harold. Let's all just fuck up our shit, shall we? Why stop there? Tell 'em to to pack bag lunches and share password info on internet forums. Goddamn! I like you Harold, sexual harassment tendencies and all. Stick with what you know best. Go ahead. Give it a try. Tell me what you thought about Zimmerman tonight...

HAROLD: Well, here's a guy that started a major league baseball game, and he went out there and threw the innings.

BUD: PEEEERFECT. Time for my shower. I'm feelin better.

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