Monday, April 20, 2009

He was once a feared and loathsome hitter...

Now he is nothing more than an empty shell...Screenshot courtesy of me and Google Chrome.


  1. Check this out:

    David Ortiz batting line as a Twin:
    Games: 455
    At-Bats: 1,477
    Batting Average: .266
    Home Runs: 58
    RBI: 238
    Runs: 215
    SO%: 22.9
    BB%: 12.6

    David Ortiz batting line as a Boston Red Sock:
    Games: 858
    At-Bats: 3,201
    Batting Average: .294
    Home Runs: 231
    RBI: 735
    Runs: 600
    SO%: 20.2
    BB%: 16.9

    I know the sample size in Minnesota was way less, but 455 games is still big enough to prove my point. Not only did Ortiz manage to hit 28 points higher with Boston, he also strikes out less and walks more. The tag line of this piece says it all and unfortunately, I think we will someday learn that "Big Papi" was riding the same train as A-Rod, The Rocket and Bonds.

  2. Just an update to that screen shot, next at bat: Ortiz triples... just the 14th of his career. Actually, come to think of it, how the hell has he even had 14 triples?

    I agree, he could have been on the juice, though not sure how that impacts plate discipline like walks.

    In any case, just give him some time to get his rhythm back... he started awfully last season and ended up alright before the wrist injury.