Monday, March 21, 2011

Goodbye Pat Neshek

The Twins somewhat unexpectedly let Pat Neshek go yesterday, watching the Padres claim him off waivers within mere hours. While I personally mourn the move, it probably is the right one for the Twins. Gleeman had a nice write-up this morning and Nick Nelson wrote up a piece that I agree with as well.

I've written many things about Pat Neshek in the past and he was nice enough to give us an e-interview when this blog was in it's infancy. He's a class guy and I'm sad to see it not work out for him in Minnesota. I wish him the best of luck with the Padres, I hope he can rediscover some of the magic he had a few years ago. The Twins organization really has no one to blame for what's happened with him except themselves. They botched the treatment of his original injury which I can't help but think played a large part in Pat's continuing ineffectiveness. Neshek will always be a fan favorite in MN, and I have no doubt he will quickly endear himself to the fans in San Diego as well.

More to Nick Nelson's point, this move, though understandable in many ways, is baffling in others. The Twins bullpen situation is easily their most pressing concern as we near the end of Spring Training and yet they let a guy go who could have probably held down a spot, at least for the first few months of the season. Gardy and the coaching staff are seemingly adept at putting bullpens together, but the situation isn't looking any better now than it did in the off-season.

Goodbye Pat Neshek, you will be missed.

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