Monday, February 1, 2010

10-Year Deal for Joe "Jesus" Mauer?

Well, this source is reporting that Joe Mauer has signed an extension with the Twins, a 10-year deal, how much is anyone's guess.

Now Buster Olney is tweeting that those reports may have been premature. Damn it Buster, don't ruin this for everyone.

As of now Aaron Gleeman who is someone I consider to be an authority on the Twins has not said anything regarding Mauer, has backtracked somewhat on their story, and there is basically no new news. I'm guessing that things are getting close and it probably won't be long.

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  1. Like I said on River Ave Blues today, this deal is good for the Twins, good for the Yanks and good for the Red Sox.

    Good for the Twins for obvious reasons.

    Good for the Yanks because Mauer won't sign w/ Boston and they can go w/ Montero and Romine

    Good for Boston because they can use Casey Kelly at C when he's not winning them Cy Youngs every five days.