Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Take a look at those mechanics PART THREE

So I'm in a post-lunch malaise, which usually means I can only think, talk and type about baseball. Definitely no working. So it is time to do another roundup of pitching mechanics. "What's this?" you say. "Two posts in one day? Are you feeling OK?"

FUCK YOU! I like mechanics and if that motivates me to post more than once a day then you should say thank you and go on your way. Without further ado, I present the National League West. Lotta good ones here.

San Francisco Giants
TIMMAY! - MEH. But somehow he continues to defy all reasonable expectations, including a Verducci Effect sophomore slump. He's never been injured, so maybe he'll just stay the Freak.
Matt Cain - HATE. Timing flaws galore, overly raised elbow.
Randy Johnson - MEH
Barry Zito - MEH. He has the classic "hung arm", tension-in-the-wrist pose. But he's never suffered any injury, so I'm thinking that he doesn't have a severe timing problem.
Jonathan Sanchez - MEH

Los Angeles Dodgers
Chad Billingsley - HATE with the fury of a thousand suns. Chad Billingsley will hurt his arm. I am sure of it. Mark my words down on paper with ink.
Randy Wolf - LOVE
Clayton Kershaw - LOVE LOVE LOVE. Gorgeous. Like in a textbook.
Hiroki Kuroda - LOVE. Short, compact delivery just like Dice BB.

Arizona Diamondbacks
Brandon Webb - MEH. Looks a bit like Sonnannstine out there.
Danny Haren - LOVE to MEH. A weird delivery, he pauses for a long time over the rubber. I am a bit concerned about the inverted L you can see as he strides towards home, but like Zito I don't see a clear timing flaw. Here is some gorgeous slow-mo footage of him in a wind-up. You will only enjoy it if you enjoy slow-mo, frame-by-frame look at mechanics (which is the only way to truly evaluate them).

Doug Davis - MEH
Max Scherzer - HATE. But everyone knows that.

Colorado Rockies
Jason Marquis - LOVE
Ubaldo Jimenez - MEH. Too whippy. Extremely long arm action, like Ben Sheets or Mark Melancon.
Aaron Cook - MEH

San Diego Padres
Jake Peavy - HATE.
Chris Young - MEH.
No other player on the Padres is worth thinking about.

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